Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shivnar a nice Village

Shivnar a nice Village, a village with all facilities like linked with rail and road(NH). It lies on very busy Patna Howrah Rail root,it has also a small Halt for pasenger Train. It lies on very busy Nationl Higway.Very famous river ganga goes through its heart.Surrounded by Industrial area like Mokama - Ravi Sharma


  1. the gentle person of this village are

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  3. Sheonar or shivnar has two gram panchayat -Shivnar and Barahpur.Two rivers Holy Ganga and Mohane passing through its northern part and southern part.the main occupation of villagers is cultivation in Taal and Diyar.Transportation facility is very nice ,the nearest Railway station is Shivnar Halt.Ganga also gives its root to reach Baranasi and kolkata river marg.NH 31 which starts from Guhati to Ranchi passing through middle part of the Village.The holy place is famous for it's Shiv Mandir.In Shivratri there is a grand festival celebrated across Mokama Block.It has an ancient history about it's formation.Shivnar is a Mugalkalin village.There was so many Freedom fighters who fought for freedom for Bharat.Hindues ,Muslims and Chrisrians live together in this holy place.There is majority of Bhumihars among Hindues keep good relation with other casts.There is some important person among villagers are as follows-
    Gita Singh, Awadh Singh and his spouce are proffesors,Dr. Ramnandan singh an MBBS doctor,Caption Rituraj,Amitesh kumar excise inspector son of Nawal kishore prasad singh, Subhash kumar -custom inspector son of Harikant singh,Rajiv sharma an police inspector,Bittu kumar ,Dhiraj kumar son of Balkisun singh,Son of Surendra prasad singh are leading Bank officers.Ramadhar kumar son of Sudhir prasad singh an enginear in Samsung.Ashok prasad Singh is an chief enginear in NTPC Barh and Kahalgaon.Raju kumar son of Rambadan singh an IES,Mukesh kumar son of Nawal kishore singh an prominent Builder,Anupama devi gram panchayat Mukhiya.

  4. Thank you for creating this page. Great work..Keep posting good stuff about our village.